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RISE Health Services, LLC

RISE Health Services is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare professionals to meet staffing needs in both healthcare and education. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we only connect you with qualified and experienced individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and care. With our personalized approach, quick response times, and commitment to quality, RISE Health Services strives to be your trusted partner in ensuring seamless staffing solutions that meet the unique demands of the education and healthcare industries. Partner with us for reliable, professional, and efficient staffing services that exceed your expectations.

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Value Statement

At RISE Health Services, LLC, we understand the unique healthcare staffing needs of tribal schools and health agencies where the well-being of both students and patients are of paramount importance. Our commitment to providing quality healthcare personnel aligns seamlessly with the cultural and community-focused values of tribal education.

Our healthcare professionals are trained in culturally responsive practices and are respectful of the traditions and values of tribal communities. We actively engage with the local tribal community to understand their healthcare preferences and needs. This collaborative approach allows us to tailor our staffing solutions to the specific requirements of the community and build trust.



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Understanding the challenges posed by remote locations, we provide telehealth/teleconsultation solutions to ensure timely access to healthcare services. Our telehealth capabilities enable virtual consultations, health monitoring, and educational outreach programs.

We offer flexible staffing models, including full-time, part-time, and per diem options, to accommodate the unique scheduling needs of our education and healthcare clients. This flexibility ensures that both schools and healthcare organizations can optimize staffing levels based on fluctuating student populations and/or specific healthcare demands.

We navigate the complex landscape of tribal regulations with precision, ensuring that our healthcare staffing services comply with all applicable tribal laws and guidelines. Our healthcare professionals undergo continuous training in cultural competency, ensuring that they remain attuned to the evolving cultural dynamics within tribal communities. This ensures that the care provided is in harmony with the unique cultural context of the school and healthcare organizations. Recognizing the healthcare needs of children in tribal schools, we offer a pool of pediatric specialists who are adept at providing age-appropriate and culturally sensitive care to children.

At RISE Health Services, we are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of students in school and patients in healthcare organizations. Our tailored healthcare staffing solutions, rooted in cultural sensitivity and community engagement, reflect our commitment to providing holistic care along the unique continuum of tribal wellbeing.

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